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30 Day Fat Burner Tea

Boost your metabolism and burn off up to 10% more calories every single day. This is a full 30 Day supply!

Core Repairing Gel

Smoother skin, lessen the appearance of cellulite, and tighten up wrinkly areas. Apply this gel to problematic areas of your body.

4x Detox Tea

Reset your body every week. When you detox, you'll remove toxins, oils, and excess water that your body is holding onto. We recommend this every Sunday!

Meal Replacer

The perfect low-carb, high protein nutrition. If you're dieting, you're going to need this to fuel your muscles without gaining extra fat. 

10 Day Fat Burner Tea

The original 10 Day Fat Burner. This will come with a free Meal Plan and Exercise Guide for you to follow. You'll see results in 10 DAYS.


Our community is full of hard working individuals who just want to be healthy. Long hours at work,kids to pick up from school, events to go to on the weekends, limited time for anything else...We provide products that allow you to be healthy and still live your life!

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